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Fast Cash Loan

Here at the Payday Loans Superstore, we provide ultra-fast payday loans for anyone with a job. Whether you’re just starting out with your career or have been there for decades, we can help you come up with a short term cash flow solution to nearly any problem. Applying online is extremely fast and you’ll have your approval and your cash directly in your bank account, usually within one business day or sooner.

Common Questions about our Fast Cash Loans

How do I apply for my payday loan online?

To apply for your payday loan online, all you need to do is click on our preferred lending partner offers and complete the application form. It usually takes no more than 5 minutes to complete and submit your application. You don’t need a lot of information either, just your current residency information, and some background details about your job. Your payday loan is backed by your job, so you don’t have to provide other information such as whether or not you own a home or if you’ve had credit problems. 

How much can I get with my payday loan? 

Our payday loans are some of the largest and quickest in the industry, funding up to $1,500 within a day. Compared to traditional payday loan and cash advance stores, that’s up to three-times what you can get normally. We’re able to offer these great rates because our processing is faster and more reliable thanks to the speed and power of our online approval process. We can provide smaller loans as well, to as little as $100 just to get you to your next payday without any cash flow hiccups. Apply online right now and see how easy it is.

How long does it take for me to get my cash?

Our payday loans are fast! Most of our clients receive their requested funds directly in their bank accounts within one business day! That means that if you need the cash as soon as possible, this is the most convenient way to get a hold of it.

What are the benefits of applying online versus a local payday loan and check cashing store? 

Your local payday loan store has several disadvantages compared to our fast online service. First and foremost is the issue of convenience. You’re on our site right now, which means that you can get your application completed in as little as 5 minutes from now, and have your money, in your bank account, within one business day. Add on to that the fact that we provide payday loans up to $1,500, and you can see why thousands of people choose our online options for fast cash at their schedule. Another distinct advantage is that you can apply from any computer connected in the world. Even if you’re traveling and miles from a payday advance store that you can trust, we’re here to serve you from anywhere, day or night.

Do I need collateral for my loan? Do I have to own a car or a house to get approved?

Your loan is actually backed by your job, so you don’t need any additional collateral to receive your approval, such as a car or house. Just apply right now, and you can have your cash tomorrow.

Fast Cash Client Comments

“I guess my spending just got a little out of control over a long weekend while some friends were in town. Next thing I knew, I was staring at a bank account that was on the verge of overdrawing, which would’ve cost me a lot of money. My friend suggested I apply for a payday loan from your site. The application process was easy, and the money was in my account the next day. Thanks to you guys, I got through that little ordeal and I’m going to be much more careful about watching my spending in the future.” ~ Kimberly N., Irvine, CA

“My daughter’s birthday came up before I knew it, and I just didn’t have the money to afford her party. I couldn’t let her down, so I came online and applied for my payday loan during my lunch break at work. The cash was there the very next day, and the party was a total success. Thanks for being there for me.” ~ Randy L., Springfield, VA