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Debt Consolidation

If you’re getting to the point where your personal credit feels out of control, it may be time to consider applying online for debt consolidation. By consolidating all or most of your personal debt, you’ll be able to repair your credit score, reassure your lenders that you’re taking serious action regarding your outstanding balances, and most importantly you’ll be able to take back control of your financial future. 

To get started with your debt consolidation process, you’ll first need to apply online. It only takes a few minutes to apply. To start your application, you’ll need to provide your current contact information, and potentially some details about your current income and employment background. The next part of the application is very important, because you’ll disclose the accounts that you want your debt consolidation service to approach on your behalf. These accounts are generally personal credit lines, including retail store credit cards and personal credit cards – most people don’t consolidate their auto loans or home mortgages. You will want to have all your account numbers handy when you’re completing your application, as well as your current outstanding balance information. 

Once you’ve submitted your application, our debt consolidation experts will go to work, researching how much they can save and provide you an idea of where you’re likely to get the most help. Fortunately for you, the process provides proven results and can save you years of financial hardship. Within a few business days you’ll be up and running. The benefits of debt consolidation are tremendous, including reducing your overall balances, getting breaks on your interest rates, and even extending payment deadlines, providing you valuable breathing room as you recover your debt.

Thousands of people from around the country have used our services to get back on track from a variety of financial disasters. Whether you’ve simply racked up too much credit card debt, or suffered a significant personal setback such as medical emergency, employment interruptions, or even an expensive and lifestyle-changing divorce, we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions about Debt Consolidation

 How long does it take to consolidate my debt?

To get the process started, please allow a few business days for our consolidation partners and experts to acquire all the information necessary to determine the next course of action. Once your consolidation plan is finished, you’ll be able to approve it and get the process started.

How much debt can I consolidate?  

In most instances, you can consolidate nearly everything that you owe, with the exceptions of collateral-backed things like cars and homes. Even if you have $5,000, $10,000, or even $20,000 of debt, you can still give this a shot and get your payments on track to something that you can manage. Our debt consolidation providers may be able to save you as much as 50% of your total balance owed, and get your payments on a schedule that fits your income and lifestyle.

Debt Consolidation Success Stories

“I didn’t realize that my divorce could do so much damage to my credit. I was being denied for pretty much every loan I applied for, and I really didn’t know what to do about all my bills. Thankfully I found you guys. My payments got reduced by around 25%, which was more than enough room for me to get my life back on track.” ~ Mark R., Miami, Florida

“Between the holidays and the kids, our credit card bills were huge. There was no way we were ever going to be able to dig ourselves out of the hole we got in without some help. I heard about debt consolidation on the radio, and once I applied we realized that this was perfect for us. So far we’ve saved $2400 in interest and balance reductions, and I was able to do everything from home on our schedule.” ~ Tiffany P., Chicago, Illinois